Jun 8, 2014


I decided guys to lanch this new type of post, an instagram diary! I don't know if you already following me, but to be completely honest, this is the only social network I really love. I love to take the photos and share them with you, so enjoy!

I and my boyfriend decided to spent my last week end by the sea, but which should be a relaxing week end become a non stop shootings. We took so many looks to show you this month while i'm in Russia and simply do not have to possibilities to shoot.
Of course, we anyway found ome time to enjoy for ourselfs. A little shopping in sunny Nice was so needed!

In Nice they opened this new fountain, which make such a beutiful reflection of Place Massena'.

The most delicious octopus and potatoes I ever tried, we had the lunch in a little creperie in the center street of Menton. 

A new Josefinas Portugal ballerinas, in the most adorable delicate pink, perfect to much with my baby Alma and floral vintage skirt.

Pink Peonies, aren't incredible? Can't live without flowers in my home.

While shooting, I mean while having a selfie, someone wanted to have his part. 
My little star <3 p="">

From some post before, love too much Aloha Gaia jewelry!

Breackfast of champions! So addicted to fruit plats!

Awwww a little gift from our weekend! So so happy for this new wallet, classic and chic. My 10 years old Dolce and Gabbana wallet, finally can have some relax!

Missing Italian Ice cream, as well as Italian coffe, and italian pizza, and pasta....ok stop!

Incredible view from my flight! Can you spot a little dachas?

The best of these days in russia are the white nights, how someone can't not love to have the sun until 12 pm?!
I always have a late night walk around the park close to my home. Listen the music, watching the people, smiling babies and dogs playing as crazy, so so inspiring and peaceful.

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  1. Such gorgeous pictures!

    Secret little Stars


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