Jul 27, 2015

Jardin du Luxembourg

One of many beauties of Paris are jardins, so beautiful, relaxing place where is so pleasant to spent time.

Every time I'm in Paris I love going around admiring the cozy little streets of the city and find from time to time gardens where to spent a few hours reading, having a picnik or just simply sitting and looking at the people around me. 

I find myself a really lucky person as in all the times I was in Paris I had the chance to know better the city and find my own favorite places and gardens.
One of my favorites and probably the most majestic is Jardin du Luxemburg which I found thanks a Hermes show which was there some years ago.
On our recent trip we decided to spent our last day there, just chilling on the tipical green chairs and enjoy the warm of the july sun.

Jul 21, 2015

Black and white stripes

Oh my Paris, oh my love! Every time I'm back in this city, I feel so influenced by the romanticism and the beauty of the city. And all of that reflects in the way I dress myself. There is no a better place as paris to dress up in the pretties way!

Everyone know how much is important to find the right little black dress, to wear in those occasions when we, girls, thinks that we do not have anything to wear. Oh and that happens so many times!
But this black dress is different

Jul 11, 2015


The first time I saw this dress I coudn't find the words to describe it's beauty. It's so special, so beautiful with that nature morte print as I really felt like a princess from a mysterious fairytale.

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