Sep 24, 2015


Hey guys! I'm so happy all the good feedback on the previous posts! Honestly sometimes I have a big doubts about if someone really read all the stuff I'm wrighting or just stop on the images.

Anyway, yesterday was the first day of the fashion week which started for me pretty slowly cause I had just a few events on the evening but it was pretty good cause it was raining all day long, super colod and windy. One of these days I want to spent in bed with a cup of tea ( better wine ;)) just cuddle and doing nothing. But since it's a fw season, I'm already in the mood of doing and doing so I decided to invest this time and work on some new post and photo shooting we did around the world.

Sep 22, 2015


Hey guys! What's up? Hope you had a fabulous start of the week! Are you ready to kick it off?

I hope you noticed that I'm trying to keep the blog always updated and with a new looks to show you. Even if this week end I switched off since my boyfriend is back from NYFW and I wanted to spent with him this weekend in all the calm. Yeah actually tomorrow we are leaving for Milano and this busy fashion week turnover will start officilly also for me.

At the beginning at this period as always I'm pretty nervous, stressed and not really ready. But then I always say to myself: "com'on Angy it's just a FW!".
Yes, I want to be ready for all the event, I want to look great and have all the stuff perfectly organized and all the post planned for the blog, but I mean, it's normal not have everything perfect! 
As always this experience will be amazing and I'm sure it will bring a good amount of positive experinces and yeah, I'm ready, I would say!

In all these years, Milano and Paris were always the fw I've done and between two I never had a doubt that Paris is my favorite!

Sep 18, 2015


Goodmorning guys! Hope you are having an awesome week, and yeeeah, it's fridayyyy! Isn't just amazing?

This time I want to talk about something personal...

I live in Italy in a region called Piemonte, it's not so famous as Tuscany but guys trust me, there is nothing less here. We have that awesome view over the hills, the most delicios food and wine, so much beauty surrounding us.

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