Jan 31, 2015


That crazy period of the year is almost here. Oh, yes, I'm talking about the fw season, we have just a month to plan everything, and since the time flies incredibly fast you better start to get organized a little.
A period so intense it may seem really tiring and

Jan 26, 2015


Today let's talk about a wardrobe essentials! Let's talk about TRENCH!
It's one of these items which could save you in any occasion. There are so many different styles, in different colors, shapes, textures and of course, for a different budgets. Whatever your style for sure you will find one that really fits you and you like.
In time I collect some really different pieces: I have one in bright yellow in a classic shape, a beige one from Men's Burberry collection and many many other.
In my collection the only one who miss it's my big favorite, the classic beige trench from Burberry and I should really start to save my money to get one of them.
Here I introduce to you a new entry, a really cool one from HM. I really love the light texture and the cut which probably more similar to a kimono with a belt than trench.
What do you think about guys? Do you have a trench in your closet?

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