Apr 18, 2015


Hello my sweet guys! Spring is already arrived in NYC, and we couldn't be more happy to enjoy this beautiful season in this magical city. We already spent a week here but every time I step out of the door the excitement I have is the same when I first time visited NY. 

Apr 14, 2015


As we arrived in NYC we were so excited to not only being back in one of our all time favorites city but we were so thrilled about to shoot something ...

Apr 12, 2015


Yesterday we left for NY, for our own adventure in the big apple for a long month!
We just woke up at 6am, hello jet lag! But not bad to have this early morning to enjoy our first and super sunny day in the big apple! 
I'm so crazy about this adventure for which we found like a thousands of # for instagram, my fav one? #bunhattaninNY! 

park hyatt milano angelica ardasheva

park hyatt milano angelica ardasheva

At our last day we had a few meetings in Milano! Want to know one of them? Park Hyatt Milano! So stay ready for something new and cool for our lifestyle section!

An italian tradition to get some luck! And we defenitely need it!

daniel wellington dapper collection

I was so thrilled about the release of the new Daniel Wellington Dapper collection! This watch is everything! You know how I'm obsessed with my own one, but this guy really stole my heart with its details! I already pre-ordered my own, and you can do the same for get it before of everyone else at the and of may. 


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