posted on: Sep 29, 2014

I know, I know that probably you already want something related to the Paris fashion week and i'm still publishing pictures from everywhere, except Paris of course! But I'm sharing so many pictures on my instagram account that I really want to see something different at least here!
So here is a little shooting we did one day while in Corsica, we didn't need to go to far but we are just close our room door and shoot them right there in the hotel. Usually we choose a different background for our photo shoots, something that tipically could be called "beautiful" as nature or beautiful piece of architecture, so we wanted so much to try this different scenary that to our eyes looked different but incredible as well and could be give a different touch to the pictures and the fact that the wood was matching my skirt color was a big plus!
We really enjoyed our stay in Corsica because of this cool place called Costa Nera, a mix of hotel and apartment that we proudly could called home for the days we spent in Corsica and thanks to which our journey went so well!
Here I decided to put together two colors that I really love together, brown and white, I think it one of the best combinations that really emphasizes the sun kissed skin. 

Shirt / local market
Skirt / American Apparel
Bag / Louis Vuitton 


posted on: Sep 27, 2014

So let's start with the fashion week updates guys! Last night we had a big pleasure to attend the cocktail presentation of the new collection of Aquazzura held in a wonderful location at the Hotel Le Marois. In a wild scene, with zebras, tigers and bright colors parrots was presented a small part of the collection that Edgardo has created for next summer 2015. Since I discovered Aquazzura thanks to the cutout booties "Sexy Thing "I immediately understood that I will love this brand forever and year after year since its launch in 2011 I've always had a confirmation. Regardless of the inspiration of the moment Edgardo always manages to create the sexiest shoes in the world, that I'm sure makes every girl gone crazy for them!
Well, now let's talk a little about the evening! I'm still jumping in our apartment for the thrill of taking part in this event where we spent such a wonderful time between tweets, good music and lots of smiles (ah, yes, champagne!) 
It has been a truly wonderful evening, a fantastic occasion that has gathered the best people of the fashion world and celebrities like the sweet and wonderful Ciara! Thank you so much for having us!

Ieri sera abbiamo avuto il grande piacere di partecipare al cocktail di presentazione della nuova collezione di Aquazzura tenutesi in una meravigliosa location al Hotel Le Marois. In uno scenario wild, con zebre, tigri e papagalli dai colori vivaci è stata presentata una piccola parte della collezione che Edgardo ha creato per la prossima estate 2015. Molto onestamente posso dire che fin da quando ho scoperto Aquazzura grazie ai cutout booties "Sexy Thing", ho capito che avrei amato per sempre questo marchio e anni dopo anni fin dal suo lancio in 2011, ne ho sempre la conferma. Indipendentemente dall'ispirazione del momento Edgardo riesce a creare sempre le scarpe più sexy del mondo.
Beh, ma ora passiamo alla serata! Io non sto ancora nella pelle per l'emozione di aver partecipato a questo evento dove abbiamo speso del tempo meraviglioso tra chiachiere, buona musica e molti sorrisi 
( ah, certo, anche champagne!)
E' stata una serata veramente meravigliosa, una fantastica occasione che ha raccolto la migliore gente del mondo della moda e celebrities come la dolcissima e meravigliosa Ciara. Thank you so much for having us!


posted on: Sep 25, 2014

So guys, as you probably already understood, we are in the middle of the fashion weeks, and all your social network are overgrown with photos and reviews of the shows, presentations and showroom visits and thousands of events, and I'm putting all my effort to contribute to this invasion. Ah, the fashion week is such an intense period, exhausting and exciting at the same time! All those beauties, colors, music make you live for a month with bated breath with the adrenaline in the body and the smile and eyes wide open in amazement.
Uhhh, we take a breath of air before full immersion in all of this on the blog so for now lets enjoy a moment of calm and relax with a beautiful early morning light that illuminates the beautiful Corsica and ... me! 
I was so excited to show you these photos guys, I was delighted with the result! When we are in a beautiful place we are so thrilled to take advantage of those wonderful scenaries and create something beautiful to show you in a special way. The long dresses were definitely the must have of my summer, especially ones from Jarlo which I truly love for them and of course for my velvet tuxedo blazer!
I couldn't imagine my summer without of them, long days spent by the sea or in the city, wherever I've been and wherever were the time of the day wearing one of these dresses always made me feel so cool and free, so comfortable yet chic! This dress, to be really honest, were one of my favorites, I simply adore this beautiful pale lilac and crochet insert which makes it so damn sexy! Don't you think so? Did you had an must have without you can't lived in this summer?

dunque ragazzi, come sapete probabilmente siamo nel mezzo delle settimane, e tutti i vostri social network sono invasi dalle foto e recensioni delle sfilate, visite agli showroom e presentazioni e mille eventi, e io ci sto mettendo tutto il mio impegno per contribuire a questa invasione. Ah, le fashion week, è un periodo cosi intenso, estremamente stancante ed eccitante! Tutte quelle bellezze, colori, musiche ti fanno vivere per un mese con il fiato sospeso con l'adrenalina nel corpo e il sorriso e gli occhi sbarrati per lo stupore. 
uhhh, tiriamo una boccata d'aria prima di emmergerci in tutto questo anche sul blog e godiamoci un momento di calma e relax con una splendida luce del primo mattino che illumina la splendida Corsica e!
Ero cosi emozionata di mostrarvi queste foto, ero rimasta estasiata del risultato! Quando ci troviamo in un bel posto abbiamo così tanta voglia di sfruttare quei meravigliosi scenari e mostrarvi in una maniera speciale il look, in questo caso l'abito di Jarlo. è stato decisamente il must have del mio estate, non so come avrei fatto senza durante le lunghe giornate passate al mare. Il colore del lilla tenue poi è cosi delicato e l'inserto a uncinetto lo rende veramente sexy!

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