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GUIDE TO ROME, all the best of the ethernal city




Hotel Pepoli 9, Rome




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The sartorialist- on the street, Angelika, Milan- me!

Looook! These are the pics taken by Scott Schuman during Milano fashion week,it’s incredible, you cannot imagine how I feel ecxited for being on The Sartorialist. But I want to tell you about our meeting… It was the morning of the third day and as usal I was on late for the ending of the first(at least,my first)show of the day,I think it was Moschino,I arrived running,rushing,I jumped in the crown trying to shoot some models who were coming out and going to the next shows,I saw Caroline from stockholmstreetstyle shooting my purple litas,then I don’t remember much more,just a big caos, people running, screaming, 2 photographers fighting for something and Ruby Aldridge looking very interested at them.
Then I saw Scott on the sidewalk looking at me between curious and interested (you know, like when in his documentary he’s looking at that girl, exactly like that ,also with the sun shining behind him as in the video). So I run to Pier all excited for inform him of that, I kept on screamingand laughing just because he looked at me, but after a few minutes he came to us, introduced himself and told me that he would have liked take some pictures of me later, after Ferre’ show (because of the emotion and my bad english i didn’t understand a lot, fortunately Pier was there for translating). Obviously I accepted with a 36-teeth smile (or how many are they?32?). Than we met again some days later and also in that circumstance he wanted to take some pictures. It was really incredible, to be shoot by such an important photographer that I deeply admire and to know a person so kind, elegant and fair as Scott revealed to be.

ps: about the controversy on his blog because of words like “curvy”or”big” udes by him to definy my body,i just can say that i never felt hurt.i think i have a normal body neither fat nor thin,curvy is ok,of course my body was pretty different fro the other girls where around there,wheter they are models,editors,bloggers of whatever,I was taller and more…curvy! but I did not mind at all.

Guardateeeeee! Queste sono le foto scattate da Scott Schuman durante la settimana della moda di Milano, non è incredibile, non potete immaginare quanto sono emozionata nel vedermi su The Sartorialist!!!! Ma voglio raccontarvi il nostro incontro. Era la mattina del terzo giorno della settimana della moda e come al solito ero in ritardo per la fine della prima( al meno, per me era la prima) sfilata del giorno, che credo fosse stata quella di Moschino, arrivata di corsa, tutta affannata, mi sono lanciata nella mischia cercando di scattare qualche foto alle modelle che stavano uscendo-correndo alla prossima tappa del giorno, ho visto subito Caroline di Stockholm.streetstyle che si abbassava per scattare qualche foto da vicino alle mie Litas viola, poi non mi ricordo più molto, solo un grande casino, gente che correva, urlava, due fotografi che stavano per menarsi e Ruby Aldridge che li guardava affascinata. Poi vidi Scott a bordo del marciapiede che mi guardava incuriosito-interessato ( avete presente quella scena del documentario quando guarda quella ragazza, ecco era esattamente così, c’era anche il sole che lo illuminava da dietro proprio come nel video), saltellai subito da Pier tutta agitata per informarlo dell’accaduto, continuavo a urlacchiare, ridacchiare emozionata solo dal fatto che mi aveva osservata, ma poi qualche minuto dopo si è avvicinato e si è presentato e mi ha detto che avrebbe voluto farmi qualche foto più tardi dopo la sfilata di Ferrè ( dal emozione e grazie al mio pessimo inglese non ho capito un granchè, per fortuna Pier era vicino a me pronto a fare il traduttore ;D) ovviamente accettai con un sorriso smagliante a 36 denti ( o quanti sono, 32?). Poi ci siamo rivisti qualche giorno dopo e anche in quella occasione ha voluto scattarmi qualche foto. E’ stato davvero incredibile, sia essere stata fotografata da un fotografo così importante che ammiro immensamente che conoscere una persona tanto gentile, elegante e disponibile che si è rivelato essere Scott.

ps: per quanto riguarda la polemica che si è generata sul suo blog, a causa delle parole come “curvy”, “big” usate da lui per definire il mio corpo, posso solo dire che personalmente non mi sono assolutamente sentita offesa. Penso di avere un corpo normale, non sono nè grassa nè magra, curvy si addice sicuramente, ovviamente lì il mio fisico si distingueva parecchio da quelli di tutte le altre ragazze che erano lì, sia che si trattasse di modelle, di editor, di blogger o chiunque altro, io ero sia molto più alta che più… curvy! Ma la cosa non mi dispiaceva affatto 😉

Hi Scott, after several years spent looking at your pictures it’s unbelieveble to see me on your blog! thank you so much,I promise I will improve my english for the next time I’ll see you 😉

thank you very much for all the sweet comments i read.i also saw many of you are interested in taking a look at my blog,i leave here the adress

kisses, Angelika

Just about the using of the words,as the question was around me,i can say i wasn’t offended at all,i don’t think that curvy and big are sinonimous of overweight or fat,i believe indeed that being called curvy has a positive meaning.i’m of course different from the most of the girls who work in this business but i can ensure that i’m not fat or overweight,i’m healty,this is my body shape and i think that scott used those words just to focus my qualities,people should look beyond it and appreciate that such a influent blog like this published a kind of body which is different from the ones you use to see in the fashion business.

anyway,I don’t speak english very well so maybe i cannot give these words the correct meaning,or maybe for this reason i can give the right meaning to these words beyond the prejudices that maybe are around “big”and “curvy

curvy= femininity and not= fat, overweight
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    You really are beautiful and how special to be photographed by Scott! The shoes are magnificent–color and all. I am really impressed with your photo!

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